The Thirty-Year Journey of a Major League Pitcher and Broadcaster

18 November 2009

Thank You, Keith Olbermann!

Nellie sends a big shout out and "thank you" to Keith Olbermann, who has reviewed Happiness is like a Cur Dog on his MLB blog, Baseball Nerd, as well as giving the book his "plug of the week" last night on "Countdown" on MSNBC.

As a result of the "Olbermann bump," the book now ranks among the top 50 titles on Amazon.com's list of "autobiographies of the rich and famous." (Though Nellie is quick to note he was never rich, since he played the game in the B.C. era of baseball--"Before Cash!")

Nellie and the family now add, to their list of many things for which to be grateful this coming Thanksgiving Day, the kindness of Mr. Keith Olbermann, a true-blue fan of baseball!

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The Thirty-Year Journey of a Major League Baseball Pitcher and Broadcaster